Fundamental DNA of Church History

When you begin reading this book you will embark on a trip through church history from the founding of the church to the dawning of the 19th century. I hope you are ready to begin the adventure and awe inspiring journey ahead as you begin your reading I encourage you to try to place yourself in the setting’s you will read about, try to envision with your mind’s eye what is going on in the situations we will examine and ask yourself: would I be so noble, would I be so true, or would I stand so firm on Christ and His Word? Mentioned often in this book is the term “Fundamental DNA”; this is a term I use to describe or refer to the most basic and purest form of our Christian beliefs and practice. The closer we are to being a pure and truly fundamental people in our faith and practice, the closer we are to the New Testament standard.

DNA is the basic information content of an organism. The church is a living organism of its own kind. Encoded in DNA are 3.1 billion letters of information, that basically are the program of the cell. Encoded into every church should be God’s Word as the guiding program or document of all faith and practice. When DNA starts to mutate, when DNA starts to get corrupted, when it has other things added to it, or has part of it taken away, the organism whose DNA this is happening to does not function properly, does not act properly, and does not look like it should; because the DNA has become perverted, it has become polluted and it is no longer, in many cases, able to do what it was originally designed to do.

I believe this makes an excellent parallel to describe the living organism of the church. We should desire to be pure, we should desire to look, to act, and to function as the church was originally designed and intended to do. My point is some churches still are functioning as originally designed, their DNA is not corrupted, nor has it been changed, or added to or taken from, and those churches are the ones that adhere to all the basic fundamentals of the faith. It should be the goal of all Christians and all churches to have this pure Fundamental DNA at their core, uncorrupted, unchanged and pure by the Word of God. At the end of each chapter will be a section highlighting a few key fundamental principles that can be gleaned from the histories and teachings of each chapter to demonstrate that fundamental DNA present all throughout church history.

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