20/20 Bible Publications began almost 10 years ago as an idea for a Teen Bible Club at the local church my wife and I were serving in. I was just becoming the Youth Pastor there, and this new position and Bible Club I was starting, led me on a journey of tremendous, in depth Bible study and teaching. This was primarily directed to the young people at our church, but I began to also preach to the church as a whole. My teaching and preaching style was one of which I wrote out the entire lesson or sermon and not just an outline. This led to much written content. I was encouraged by my Pastor at the time and a couple of mentors to start putting these down into book form. So I began my adventure into getting some of my writing published. This in turn led to the establishment of our own publishing entity known as 20/20 Bible Publications.

I have since then published many books which our available not only from our site but are being sold currently on Amazon among many other book-selling sites. I have also written books that were not the fruits of my teaching and preaching, but the results of what the Lord at the time was leading me to research and write about to specifically put into book form. The Lord has blessed this ministry and I am looking forward to how He uses it in the future.

All of this was inspired by a Bible study I was doing in the book of Acts those 10 years ago. I came across Acts 20:20, and the Lord put the genesis of the thought and burden to establish all of this in my mind and heart at that time. I was burdened to do all that I could, whatever that may be and in whatever humble form that may take, to get as much teaching and knowledge about God and His ever relevant Word out to all those that I could. The name “20/20 Bible Publications” is inspired from and based on Acts 20:20.

Yours in Christ,

Keith M. Seiber

Acts 20:20 “And how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have shewed you, and have taught you publickly, and from house to house,”