The Who of Wisdom

(66 pages) – Wisdom is a choice that begins with a decision to trust Christ as Savior and increases as we follow the teachings of God’s Word. If we want to be wise and not scornful or foolish we need to have a burning passion for the Lord’s guidance in our life; because there are many ideas, people, and situations that tempt us to ignore the Scriptural principles that lead to wisdom. The world tells us time is short so live for today’s pleasures and pursuits. But in reality, knowing that our time on earth is short ought to motivate us to correct and repent of sinful behaviors and attitudes and to begin earnestly living in a way to lead us to obtaining and keeping wisdom in our lives and turning our backs on the foolishness of the world. We need to be living in a way that we, as the Book of Jude puts it, “earnestly contend for the faith” with our lives.

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